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The project concentrates on the constant loneliness inherent in human beings and aims to show the futility of people trying to create a connection in love. Through performance, the project uses body and language as a medium to convey that in love, the lover is only an illusive projection of perfect self-consciousness. The bounding of human beings is a false proposition, and the breaking and diffusion of loneliness is an unrealistic statement. One can't reach the other's ideal land.


The conclusion that "the world cannot be truly shared and perceived" comes from an intimacy practice I had. During a relationship with a person with major depression, I realized that in romantic relationships, the psychological disorder caused by mental illness could amplify a common flaw within love. The person's perception of the emotional world is often an intensely exclusive and personal experience, and therefore unique and uncommunicable, which often excludes the other from the world of the inner self. It will thus deepen emotional self-isolation. This experience led me to a deeper understanding and reflection on the dark side of love.


The project consists of three acts that deconstruct my view of love through three dimensions. In act I, we can only communicate purely through tears. It symbolizes that even love can hardly lead people to perceive the most vulnerable of the other's heart truly. In act II, the language corresponds to the myth, the Tower of Babel in love. I aim to apply the dialogue to reveal its function as a signifier that can never reach the referent. In act Ⅲ, the other one in love is an object of desire, while the love is based on fantasies about each other. I aim to corroborate the nature of narcissistic imagination in love by dancing with the void.


The project indicates that in a contemporary society where the signifiers are wildly broken, love, as one of the universal themes of humanity, or the smallest unit of communism, is also vital for human life as it can be linked to other texts for human exploration. The work is presented by photography and video, completed by actors' most genuine and personal reactions to demonstrate the common lonely fate and crippling situation of human beings in love.

Actress: Jiawen Kong & Fanfan
Camera: Xuanru Wang

Performance I
Size: 00:05:20

Actress: Tian Xiao & Yue Ming
Camera: Xuanru Wang

Performance II
Size: 00:10:33

Actress: Xuanru Wang
Camera: Yue Ming

Performance III
Size: 00:07:18

© Xuanru Wang

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