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Xuanru Wang is a visual artist with an interdisciplinary practice, interested in post-modern structuralism and psychoanalytic theory. She uses video art as the primary medium, images as her inner screen, and summons and projects her inner portrait and unconscious hallucinations into images.

Xuanru got inspiration from the film theorist Christian Metz. According to his film semiotics, the Cinematic State represents a waking daydream state. She thus sees images as an Imaginary Signifier that could demonstrate people's memories, desires, and traumas through condensation, displacement, symbolisation, and representation.

Her work focuses on the infinite rupture and confrontation in the contemporary social context. It aims to reflect on social and cultural system operation. 

In the next stage of creation, She will continue to focus on the hysteria and collective trauma of public life. For example, the political depression pervaded Chinese society in the post-epidemic era. As proposed by Lacan, the discourse has four essences: master, university, hysteric, and analyst. She would like to see images as a text that can be analyzed and thus produce an analyst discourse to compensate for its general absence in the discursive structure of contemporary society.


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